Monday, April 6, 2009

Turn on the bottles...I am mean the lights

It seems cool lighting follows me. I was walking down Bedford yesterday and a hipster type was selling these pendant lights out of the back of his truck. They are made out of colored glass bottles tied together, and in the center there's a light bulb. You turn the light on, and voila! A colorful snowflake relected on the ceiling. All this for 90 bucks. Liza Sez: I love how inventive this is, not mention that you get to recycle/reuse old glass bottles. A very easy diy, use Perrier bottles, or after the party is over use your Sky vodka bottles.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A chandelier or a wind chime?

Chandeliers are back. A chandelier adds that extra polish to a room. But they can look a little granny. I saw this one at it's made of capiz shells and it looks so elegant and modern. The shells drape beautifully to create a soft curve. And if yo leave your window open it works as a wind chime....Liza Sez: A splurge, but now it's on sale at 50% for $695. Your guests will be all over it.