Sunday, November 29, 2009

grandma's chair, not so granny

I was at the flea market on the upper west side where I run into this amazing armchair. You know the type, it's been sitting in an attic for years and you wouldn't consider putting it in your apartment even if it was the last chair standing. But guess what, a coat of gloss paint in a bright jazzy color and a couple of yards of a bold graphic patterned fabric...and bam! Now that's a statement chair. A super easy DIY project or for a few hundred dollars available at the UWS flea market. I need to make me one of these.

Is war the new decor trend?

I was at Future Perfect earlier this morning (my local favorite store) and saw this bowl. It's made out of melted toy soldiers, airplanes and other war related toys. First I thought it was interesting but a few minutes later I was enraged. Is war the new decor trend? I think it's absolutely despicable, and completely tasteless. What do you think?