Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barack O'Pepsi

Ever since the November election Pepsi has reworked its trademark logo to echo Obama's "O". I've been noticing it everywhere. At the beginning I thought it was a bit slizzy...but you know these guys have come with a brilliant idea. They were able to associate their brand with Obama's "Change" message. And the execution is impeccable. Hats off to the creative team. I wonder does Barrack drink Pepsi or Coke?

summer boots?

Help me out here. Is this an oxymoron or what? Have I missed the latest fashion memo? Don't these boots defy the whole idea of wearing boots. What do you think? And yes if you like them, they ar available at DSW for under $150.

the end of vinyl?

Twenty or so years ago a friend gave me a bowl made out of a vinyl record. It was a bad music ( The Pink Project) so he found another use for the scratchy vinyl. He placed it over a heater until it became soft and then he formed it into a bowl. To go w/the name of the record he painted it pink. I thought it was just brilliant.
I was walking down Bedford the other day..and what do you know? Same idea...yet it seems so fresh...twenty years later. So if you still have any vinyl around, this a great way to make your own bowls/ vases etc. And of course an instant conversation starter.