Thursday, February 26, 2009

No more white walls

White walls are so boring, but for the commitment-phobe they are usually the way to go. I am currently in that group myself, but after seeing this wallpaper by Nama Rococo I think I am ready to jump to the wallpaper-lovers camp. Yes it's a huge commitment but I love it! This is not your grandmothers wallpaper. And of course it's super expensive, I never seem to like anything cheap! But for the budget conscious they sell the single sheets that can be framed like art. Sheets are $220 each. Ouch!  Hmm I need to save some more money.


  1. I also like the idea of up-to-date wallpaper. I've been eyeing other ones, & was looking with 9th-grader who gave passing attention to idea of detailing his room. Thought these were interesting too-- and super approachable comic pop-art from

  2. these are great. love the comic ones.